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Video & Photography

Whether shooting a music video, TV production or promotional reel, having the ability to shoot from the sky brings a new, affordable angle to your production. With high quality cameras shooting in up to 4K video coupled to the most stable aircraft with high quality stabilisation gimbals, we are able to create perfectly smooth video in almost any situation. 

Survey & GIS Mapping

All of our aircraft at RedLeaf Aerial are GPS monitored, allowing us to create pin point accurate imagery of the ground below. Being able to create high resolution video and photography files can be invaluable in land and building survey. 

UAV's allow inspections of difficult to see or hard to reach areas to become a breeze, saving the potentially large cost of scaffolding. See here for a demo.

Hobby flight training

RedLeaf Aerial has multiple pilots trained with CAA approval for flight, as well as multiple skilled camera operators. If you have ever fancied getting involved with UAV’s and would like a test flight with us, or perhaps gain some training on a model you have already purchased, get in touch. You never know, we may even have a job for you!


If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss any aspect of our service with you.

What is a UAV?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. More commonly known as a 'drone'. At RedLeaf Aerial we have a variety of makes and models, all serving different needs. From small Quadcopters, to large Octocopters, each aircraft has its strengths and weaknesses in different environments.

Do you need a permit to fly a UAV?

If you want to fly commercially then Yes. Just as a hobby, then No. We have full CAA approval for our flights which allows us to film commercially in the UK. Our pilots have all gone through appropriate training so that they have all the skills to safely pilot a UAV.

How long does it take to set up on location?

Not long at all. Depending on the size of shoot, the equipment we are using and the location, we can be flying in under 10 minutes. On a larger shoot that requires ground monitoring, camera set up, programming etc, this is extended to roughly 30 minutes. Still surprisingly quick.

Can you see the video on the ground?

Yes. All of our aircraft come with video downlink as standard. We use this for the pilot as well as the camera operator to help line up the perfect shot every time. We can also run a separate monitor so that the director/producer/client can also see what the UAV is filming in real time.

What quality are the photos and video you produce?

All of our video can be made in up to 8K resolution. This allows editors great scope when it comes to making the final film. The high quality video allows easy cropping to a smaller frame size, or the ability to keep it at 4K. Still images can be created up to 41mbpx from high quality DLSRs.

How much does hiring a UAV cost?

It depends on what size UAV you need for the shot you are trying to create, and also how many staff you may need for that particular shot. Considering the unique option that the UAV will give you, compared to a helicopter and film crew, it’s a cheap deal!

Is a UAV difficult to fly?

Not hugely. However you have to know a lot about aviation law, health and safety and best practices when it comes to flying for commercial work. RedLeaf Aerial pilots have 100s of hours’ flying time behind them and it honestly shows. Anyone can fly a quadcopter around the sky, but to create a perfectly smooth and accurate video shot is another matter entirely.

Are they dangerous?

Yes. Some of our larger Octocopters weigh over 10Kg and can travel at over 30mph, all whilst having 8 spinning blades on them. You can understand why knowing your aircraft and having correct training is important. All of our aircraft have safety features that will allow safe landing should anything misbehave.



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